February 5, 2013


It's a lazy morning, overcast & mellow; I am too sleepy {thank you, Downton Abbey} to think of anything more productive to do than write for my blog.  Lucky you.

I hear .... the humidifier, the pellet stove, the clicking of my fingers on the keyboard, Nice saying the letters of the alphabet to herself as she does a dot-to-dot, Lil' Snip asking random questions to whoever might be listening, the arrhythmic thumping of Nice's feet on the floor, the faint strains of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos playing from the kitchen.

I smell .... the clean scent of a white jar candle burning off to my right.

I am waiting for ... 11:30, when I will blow the clay bird whistle I bought in Antigua to summon my little lunch-makers in from their mysterious outdoor play.

On the bookshelf .... lies Flabbergasted, which I am still reading, wondering if it will turn out to have any deeper meaning or remain pure fluff; Love & War, which I haven't picked up in a few days, but saw my Farmer had been reading while I napped on Sunday; and The Contemplative Mom, for which I had great hopes, but stalled out in the first chapter, when it became apparent that one needs to already have made space for contemplation in order to make the most of this book teaching moms how to make space for contemplation .... Maybe I need to write "The Wanna-be Contemplative Mom."

On my desk .... oh yeah, I have a desk!  I'd forgotten about it, since I haven't used it ever since we got wireless internet almost year ago ... but the only reception was in a back corner of the kitchen, where my laptop was promptly relocated.  My daughters now use my desk more than I do:  "Sugar, could you go get me some stamps?"  .... "Spice, can you grab me the scissors?"  .... "Nice, could you bring me the stapler, please?"  (Nice:  "What's a stapler?")

Projects pending .... bedroom curtains (one was made, months ago, out of five needed); painting the cellar steps; painting a final coat on the bathroom floor, then sprinkling silver glitter and top-coating with boat varnish; crocheting a shawl ... and that's just what comes immediately to mind!

Projects permanently shelved ... hand-quilting the comforter I made; designing new storage for the Back Kitchen; painting the door (& screen) to the backyard, as well as painting the garage door and its wooden framing, at least until warmer weather.

Plans for the rest of the day ... a nap, right after lunch & a story for the girls; some schoolwork with Sugar & Spice and then a supper of black beans and rice; and finally - the high point of my day - coffee with my cousin and a snuggle with my Farmer before falling asleep!

How 'bout you?  What does it sound / smell / look like around you today?

February 2, 2013


There's something you need to know ...

... you touch people; you do: 

the smiles you give (or don't), 
the words you speak (or write), 
the way you look at people, 
the helping hand, 
the opinion voiced (or not). 

You make a difference in the lives around you.  You really, truly do. 

So smile a little more often.

Lend a hand despite your hesitation.
Voice your opinion gently.
Let your eyes sparkle, sometimes, when you meet another's eyes.

You make a difference.  

You are touching lives, even when you can't tell a thing.  Maybe someday
you'll know what a difference you've made; maybe you'll go to your grave unaware.
But your life makes the lives of those around you better, or worse,
depending on your choices.

"Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."
~ Philo of Alexandria

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