December 1, 2015

an advent

It's dark at suppertime, now.  We've woken a few mornings to frost in the backyard, and the star on the silo is lit (although we need to replace some of the bulbs).

This is the season of Advent, when we prepare to celebrate the arrival of the Christ child, Jesus - Immanuel:  "God with us."  The term "advent" means a beginning or arrival, and there are many new beginnings in our lives right now.  Not all of them are of our choosing, but this one is:

In all the busyness that seems ironically inherent to this season, 
I wanted to carve out a small spot of peace this year.

So we decided, last night, that while while we eat supper this month, we'll turn off the lights, and burn candles instead, and sit quietly before we fill our plates, listening to an Advent reading or Scripture.

There's nothing inherently wrong with shopping for gifts, or rehearsing a nativity play, or decorating, or baking or sending out cards.  But activities can get in the way, sometimes - block our view, distract our focus, and rob us of peace.  Somehow, turning off the lights slows us down and tunes us in to the wonder of waiting for the Light to shine in the darkness . . . .

May you be blessed this Advent season 
with the quietness of heart that only comes 
from the Prince of Peace.

November 9, 2015

a time to rest ....

I don't seem to have a lot of words at the moment, but, inspired by my cousin's blog to search through my camera lens for beauty, I went out last night to see what I could find.

Behold, even as life appears to be fading from the autumnal scene, beauty and hope are still there to be discovered:

Yellow wood sorrel flower


Red maple leaf, fading to winter brown

Feathery foxtail

Sweetgum leaf - the showy ones this year

Coneflower "pincushion"

Star Magnolia: a common bush, afire

next year's flowers!!

What I saw when I looked up:  notice anything odd about this dogwood branch?!

Lilac - how I wish I could distinguish the flower buds from the leaf buds, to properly gauge my hopes ....

Pennsylvania smartweed

Crepe Myrtle buds, biding their time.....

entrancing shadows

Hibiscus seedpods

Honeysuckle and Ivy

summer's abandoned lawn chairs

Persimmons & pears

how those leaves catch the light!

Chives seedpods (drying in a bag, to catch the seeds)

It only took standing up, and walking around with the camera, searching out the eye candy hidden in every beam of late afternoon sunshine.  Even after the sun had set, I was still finding treasure upon treasure.

It's always there, His goodness.  It just requires faith, and focus.

September 24, 2015

family week - all the other days, in photos

Somehow time got away from me.

Here, in photos, is the rest of family week: days 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Enjoy!

Because there's a rule, isn't there, requiring us to photograph our feet
& hot beverage of choice in moments of serene contentment?

There was just something about that lone cornstalk . . .

Hmmm .... lumber!?  What could be going on here....?

Spice, the resident monkey.

The first board, and a very respectable-looking lag bolt.

Counting, to make sure they're all there.

Every family week includes cats, of course.

The picture of contentment.

Vet clinic

A morning at the "bike park"

My menfolk - I love watching them together!

What's this??  A platform emerges . . .

All - those - dewdrops - !!!

testing it out

family week's grand finale

And good-night!

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