February 1, 2016

one homeschooling Monday in February

The three daughters' silence has a conspiratorial quality to it, and I find out why when they come around the corner with this agreed-upon question on their grinning lips:

"It's warm, Mommy! Can we have off school today?!!"

I send them off to do a little school-log math, and they come back to tell me that if they do 16 and a half days each month till May [when a full month is 20 days], they will still have enough for the required 180 by years' end.

Well, how can I refuse that?

So today, when I badly need a nap from last night's restless-leg-inspired insomnia, my children will all be outside helping their Daddy with aquaponics construction, and enjoying the eastern version of the Chinook.

Thanking in a new week (an old habit, happily revived):

That I did eventually sleep last night, albeit on the sofa, four hours after I first went to bed.

That my Farmer wasn't disturbed by my restlessness.

That I am so loved by him.

That it's warm today, and I have children who love to be outside.

That they love to help their Daddy!

That there is grace for me to recover today.

That this season of change could birth a few new habits to help me.

That I am learning to trust.

That "not my circus, not my monkeys" applies to so very many situations!

That gratitude doesn't need numbers.

That good friendships don't need seafood bisque, brownies, chex mix, crab dip, coloring books, British comedies, antiquing, and good conversation to flourish, but it sure doesn't hurt.

That I daily receive undeserved gifts from God, who is the giver of all good things.

That the sun colors the sky morning and evening, summer and winter, and the moon and stars glow in their places, because He loves us.

That God sends his rain on the just and the unjust alike.

For mercy.

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