April 14, 2006

times are a-changin'

It's finally time for the farm to pass on to another generation.
The farmhouse, built in the late 1800s and formerly a dairy, 
has been in the family for three generations.  We will be the fourth. 

After over half a decade of cutting red tape, Grandma and Grandpa have broken ground.

   The basement walls are up and the ground floor is nearly finished. 
My Farmer, Spice and Sugar admire the view from the guest bedroom; 
the framing crew sets a garage wall in place.

The roof is on and the house is taking shape.

It's moving day at last -- right on schedule, despite the dire predicitons of our friends. 

Uncle H and Aunt R take a turn holding Everything Nice during the meal.

 Sugar grins her approval of the new house.

April 13, 2006

green things

It all started innocently enough with a banana plant. A good houseplant, we thought, and put it on a sunny windowsill with some optimistic seedlings (a guava on the left, I believe, and a papaya on the right). They prospered, and soon had outgrown a mere windowsill.

So we planted them outside, above our garden, with castor beans and sweet potato vines and cannas for company. They seemed to like it.

They grew so big that we never could pot them up again (although we did manage to overwinter a few, "dormant"). Fortunately there are always enough "pups" -- banana babies -- to keep us in winter greenery.

Here is that same papaya, at the end of summer 2005 (no, it did not survive our zone 6 winter):

April 3, 2006

new addition

new addition

About four months ago we got our third "reward" from heaven -- here's "Everything Nice" with Mommy, "Spice", "Sugar", and Daddy. Sugar and Spice are the best of sisters to Everything Nice, who by now answers them with excited smiles and silent convulsions of glee. When we get an audible giggle we feel lucky.

baby grin
Looks like Everything Nice may have inherited some of the impishness we see in Spice - or else she just likes Daddy.
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