April 14, 2006

times are a-changin'

It's finally time for the farm to pass on to another generation.
The farmhouse, built in the late 1800s and formerly a dairy, 
has been in the family for three generations.  We will be the fourth. 

After over half a decade of cutting red tape, Grandma and Grandpa have broken ground.

   The basement walls are up and the ground floor is nearly finished. 
My Farmer, Spice and Sugar admire the view from the guest bedroom; 
the framing crew sets a garage wall in place.

The roof is on and the house is taking shape.

It's moving day at last -- right on schedule, despite the dire predicitons of our friends. 

Uncle H and Aunt R take a turn holding Everything Nice during the meal.

 Sugar grins her approval of the new house.

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