September 24, 2015

family week - all the other days, in photos

Somehow time got away from me.

Here, in photos, is the rest of family week: days 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Enjoy!

Because there's a rule, isn't there, requiring us to photograph our feet
& hot beverage of choice in moments of serene contentment?

There was just something about that lone cornstalk . . .

Hmmm .... lumber!?  What could be going on here....?

Spice, the resident monkey.

The first board, and a very respectable-looking lag bolt.

Counting, to make sure they're all there.

Every family week includes cats, of course.

The picture of contentment.

Vet clinic

A morning at the "bike park"

My menfolk - I love watching them together!

What's this??  A platform emerges . . .

All - those - dewdrops - !!!

testing it out

family week's grand finale

And good-night!

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