September 19, 2015

family week, day 2

Today started with oatmeal around the campfire (resurrected by Sugar from last night's coals), me marveling over my coffee that I had not once heard the back door during the night.  Best first night ever!

Breakfast completed, we walked over to the neighbor's yard sale to see what treasures we might find.  A tall, elegantly carved bird for me, wind chimes for Spice, a clock and photo frame for Nice, and a collapsible tin cup and two wooden cars for Lil' Snip.

Home again, the children headed off with my Farmer to fish, and I set off grocery shopping.  Unfortunately their outing ended with a self-appointed gamekeeper sharing a long list of rules with them, which ended with them dumping their small catch back into the pond.  Last time fishing at that particular location!

Lunch around the campfire again (just the usual summer sandwiches - tomato, cheese, and lettuce) and an afternoon rest before stirring up the campfire once more for suppertime ambiance, and s'mores.  Songs around the fire, and bedtime.

A plain day, but a satisfying one.

Tomorrow, church.  The building kind, I guess, although some of us would just as soon sing around the campfire again ...

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