February 22, 2012

a puzzle

So.  Why is it that most days find me dragging along . . . facebooking every free minute down the drain . . . to avoid the fact that I am unable to string together more than two coherent thoughts . . . let alone accomplish any job requiring more than mere physical memory . . . just hanging on . . . to survive till naptime . . . and then bedtime . . . ?

And then suddenly one day I find myself out in the cold sunshine! lying on the hammock! watching Lil' Snip trot industriously from one mysterious mission to the next! organizing (and helping with!) work parties to pick up all the dropped balls from the sweet gum tree! and clean all the shelves in the refrigerator! and in my spare time, painting a door! door-frame! trim! and two trellises! . . . ? ?

I'm not bragging (about what - my usual ineptitude?!), honest.  I'm just frankly puzzled.  Does that seem a little off-balance to you, too, or is that normal?

. . . I didn't even start taking a new vitamin . . .

You know what?  Never mind.  What's that they say about gift horses?

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