April 1, 2012

the tiniest Unroe

Not to overwhelm you with fundraisers to save orphans or anything, but today is the first day of a week-long online auction called Hidden Treasures.  They are auctioning off everything from baby blankets to iPads, and every dollar donated goes to the Unroe family to bring home 5-year-old Keith in Bulgaria, who weighs a frighteningly small 12 lbs.

(I just got permission to add 5yo Keith's picture)

Please help if you can (for those of you who are understandably worried about scams, fear not:  I know this is legit because my friend and neighbor adopted a tiny daughter from the same orphanage earlier this year).

For auction instructions, click here.

If you've ever admired the beadwork on my necklaces, you might be interested in placing a bid on one of these (click on the necklace to go to its bidding page, or visit the auction here):



Thank you for helping to bring tiny Keith home to his family.  God bless!

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