June 5, 2012

multiple choice

Your toddler has developed a definite whine, despite no apparent physical maladies.  His insistent and, er, melodious "Mommmmmy - UP!" grates on your nerves and increases in volume as the morning progresses.  You have fed him breakfast.  You have held him.  You have reminded him to say "Mommy, up please" in his "nice" voice.  You have played trucks with him.  You have balanced him on one hip while trying to  make the printer do what all good printers should (namely, to print!!).  You have helped him pull a chair to the counter to watch you chop onions.  You have finally had enough.  You scoop him up lovingly, put his sandals on and hold his hand to walk outside.  He plays happily with a kitty.  You call over his capable older sister, instruct her as to his care, and kiss him adieu.  He breaks into a heartbreaking (and earsplitting) wail and trots after you, tears streaming down his bouncing little cheeks, as you attempt to head inside.

Do you .... :

a) ... turn around, pick him up with a resigned smile, and tell yourself that it's just for a season .... he'll be off to college before you know it?

b) ... turn around, lose your temper and tell him in no uncertain terms what you think of this childish behavior?  [irony intended]

c) ... walk resolutely back into the house, knowing that the boy is loved and safe?

d) ... walk back inside, wanting to cry yourself, completely unsure of what is best for him?

e) ... respond with wisdom and grace by _____________ ?


  1. Yes. :)
    (Doncha just LOVE age two?)

  2. Hmmmm....

    While I would like to say that option B never happens here, but you (kindly) read my blog, so you know that would be a blatant falsehood.

    Otherwise, I would go with Option C. By the description of his morning, he has it MADE in the SHADE!!! He can learn that his mama has a bit of her own life to attend to as well! :)

    PS. The book I am reading is "Parenting with Love and Logic" by Cline and Fay

    1. Jeane, I immediately reserved the book from the library. Did you find out yet if they've actually raised (real) children?

      And on this particular morning, I happened to go with a combo of (c) and (d) - after, yes, exercising option (a) most of the morning. Which, who knows, may have encouraged him to believe that his little outburst would be effective ... !


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