August 14, 2012


The rain poured down, this morning.  I rescued a bucket of brand-new sidewalk chalk from the driveway after pondering the "natural consequences" theory of discipline and rejecting it in favor of not having wasted the five bucks I paid ... and because I like to use the chalk, too.

My tiny kitchen "sideboard" overflows with fruit from the grocery store and my Farmer's fields - peaches, asian pears, yellow & purple plums:  evidence of abundance.

A bouquet that Spice picked for me last night graces the table:  a handful of foxtails, and a spike of fiery red gladiola blossoms - her signature careless beauty.

Caterpillars in a glass gallon jar change slowly, unknowingly, into winged creatures.

A boy demands, insists, and learns to say "May I please?"  His hands know how to be gentle even as his feet clomp about in big sister's sneakers, his current preferred footwear.

Sugar french-knots her doll's name into fleece, making a pillow, proud of her artistry, her skill.

Paint-with-water pages litter the table, the counter, the fridge, like rabbits overbreeding.

The lights are on; the sky outside still dim.

Chores are done - schoolwork, too - early this time.  A new dry-erase board makes it mysteriously more fun.

The task in front of me, making out a list of food to buy, scatters with interruptions from children and from facebook.  I am permanently halfway done.  My own to-do list cowers by the fridge, intimidated by my lethargy.  Bake bread, it exhorts.  Make ice cream cake for Spice's birthday.  (I write a blog post instead.)

To be disciplined & do what needs to be done .... to know how to rest ... what is the agenda for today?

I try to listen.

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