October 22, 2012

blinded, mostly

God is up to something.

Of course He is - He always is.  But -

- sometimes He peels back the curtain a bit and invites us to look in.  It takes my breath away, every time.  Even before I understand what I'm looking at.

It makes me realize that He's always up to something, and it's always more than I could comprehend in my wildest dreams, and it's always good.

Just sayin.'

Stay alert.  Watch, and pray.  Your prayers matter, more than you think.  You are part of the plan, and when He's ready, He will reveal the little bit that you can handle in this lifetime, and if you look closely ....

.... maybe you'll see the twinkle in His eye.


  1. I love this post. It's always, always true.

  2. Love it! I am kinda hoping maybe you'll share a little of your 'wildest dreams'! :)

  3. Jeane, that would make for an interesting post, wouldn't it? Maybe someday. I'm beginning to suspect, though, that it isn't MY wildest dreams that matter, but His. He is beginning to peel back the curtain, it's true, and as soon as I can make any sense out of it, I'll be sure to share! Thanks for your interest!


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