March 20, 2013

theological quips

Lil' Snip is playing Tinker Toys with Nice.  He sidles up to me with a "tower" and confides, loudly, "Jesus has a s'prise for me!"  [I'm not sure how it's possible, but sadly, I forgot the rest of this intriguing conversation.]

Later, I overhear Nice informing Lil' Snip firmly, "God doesn't like Satan."

Sugar overheard it, too, and brings it up at the table while we're eating supper.  "Mommy, [Nice] told [Lil' Snip] that God doesn't like Satan.  I thought God loves Satan but is disappointed in him."

Hmmm ...

Lil' Snip, sensing the conversation turning philosophical, contributes an important tidbit:  "Jesus keeps his salt in the refrigerator."

It's so nice to know they're picking up on the important things we teach them ....

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