May 25, 2013

How to be a Good Mother

Dear Readers,

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my daughter Spice to you, by way of a guest post written by her.  She has been collecting ideas on how to be a good mother, and writing them down in her journal, in order to be able to consult them when she is in the position of raising children herself.  Spice has generously allowed me to not only read her list (asterisked tips to my special attention - I'll let you guess which ones!), but has also agreed to share them with you here.

Without further ado, I present to you:

Spice's Tips on How to Be a Good Mother:

Tip #1 - Always be sympathetic, not ever cross or stern.

Tip #2 - Always make sure that your child is actually sorry.

Tip #3 - Only give children punishments that you know are helping.

Tip #4 - If a child does something wrong, do something kind to them and they will be sorry.

Tip #5 - Never scold, explain things gently and only if the child still rebels or is mean, scold or punish.

Tip #6 - Explain how you feel to your children, if they know how you feel they may try to act better.

Tip #7 - Ask your children what they think.

Tip #8 - Make sure your children (or child) know that you understand their side of the problem.

Tip #9 - If your child is whiny, gently tell them the options, then if they are still whiny give them the punishment.

Pretty good, aren't they?  I'll keep you updated when she has more for us ....


  1. Wow. How old is Spice again? I'll need to consult this list on occasion, just to remind myself. Such wisdom!

  2. Spice is 9 going on 69 ... she is my wise one, my philosopher-from-birth. Her "Indian" name is "Runs With the Wind". :)


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