January 24, 2015

.... that 90-day challenge

For any observant readers out there that have been wondering how my 90-day Bible-reading challenge has been going (and why they aren't seeing updates), here's how it's going:






                                                 . . . .

[which is a nice way of saying that I'm weeks behind schedule.]

I started out strong.  I really believed I would keep up.  "It's only a half an hour a day," I remember telling someone, that first week.

It was fun at first.  I gulped down Genesis, Exodus, even Leviticus.  Reveled in "seeing the big picture."  Then in Numbers I started hitting serious genealogies.

I don't do so well with genealogies.  I want to skip over them, but can't - it feels too much like cheating.  I have to sound out every name.  I resort to reading them aloud in order to stay on task.  I move a piece of paper down the page, to mark the line I'm on, to help me move along.

Nevertheless, I find my eyes glazing over, make myself go back and read again the lines I've inadvertently skimmed [or skipped].


I'm still plugging along - and will continue to do so, until I finish.  I'm not excited anymore (although that could come back, once the genealogies are behind me for good - but that's books and books away ...!).  I try to fake it, at least when I'm talking to Sugar, who - of course - is still on schedule (as she has been ever since conception).

That's the update.  Anyone who's doing it, too, and fell behind - we can do this.

Remember the tortoise and the hare - ?

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