March 5, 2015

carry each other's burdens ...

[new bags added to bottom of post!!]

"Carry each other's burdens," Paul tells us, 
"and so fulfill the law of Christ." [Galatians 6:2]

Bags that carry your groceries (or other goodies) can buy meals for hungry children.  How?!  Read on:

It all started when I ran into an old friend in a thrift store.  She was carrying a most intriguing bag, and when I asked her about it, she said she had crocheted it from plastic grocery bags!  I came home and told my daughters about it, and light bulbs went on.

Before Christmas Sugar, Spice, and Nice had worked together with me to make hymnal angels to raise money for Feed My Starving Children.  We made and sold ten (!), enabling us to donate $250 to the fund.  Sugar, Spice, and Nice were properly impressed that they - mere children, so they had thought - could earn such a sum to give away.

What if we made bags, too?!

So we did.

First we used the grocery bags we had around the house.  Then we asked the Grandmas if they had any to contribute.  Then my brother's wife caught wind of the project and gave us her generous stash!

We sorted them by color and type, and began making "plarn" (a.k.a. "plastic yarn").  Here's how it works:

Flatten the bag.

Fold it lengthwise; snip off the handles.

Snip off the bottom, then cut the length into one-inch sections.

Pull the cut sections open into loops (Lil' Snip and Nice are pros at this!), and then loop the loops together to form the "plarn" - !  Just like that.

Getting ready a new stash of "plarn" to crochet more bags!

If that looks like it takes a lot of time ... you're right - it does!  But withe all five of us working together (when that happens they call it Plarn Factory), progress is encouragingly visible.  And watching the bags form is exciting.  

Here's what we've made (so far):

{this bag is now SOLD!}

{this bag is now SOLD!}

There you have it!  Sturdy upcycled totes to carry your groceries, books, beach towels and more. If you'd like more information, or to buy a bag, contact me by email {buretachi [at] gmail [dot] com} or drop me a line in the comments! {All donations go to Feed My Starving Children.}


  1. These are so well done, Cousin. I love this kind of thing.

    1. Thanks, Cousin! We are having a lot of fun making them!

  2. I think this is the coolest idea yet! You are a chip off the old block. Your Grandma Clymer crocheted rugs out of plastic bread bags. Honest! I know she did at least one. My OK sister and I would like to have the patterns, if you share them/it. ~Aunt Elaine

  3. Aunt Elaine, that is so neat to hear! My mom has told me a time or two that I have some Grandma Clymer-like skills or interests. :) I like hearing that! The ones Anna made (beige with black trim, white & navy with red trim, white with orange stripe) follow a pattern that I would be happy to send you! Mine were made up as I went. :)


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