June 21, 2011

caught napping

I just want to say that I love naps.  If you are having any kind of difficulty today, may I recommend one?

You never outgrow them, no matter what you think when you're five, or twenty-five, for that matter.  At five you want to put them behind you as things suitable only for the lisping babies.  At twenty-five maybe you're taking a hiatus from naps for some years (depending, perhaps, on whether or not you've started a family of your own yet).

Things that seemed impossible before your nap look easy when you wake up.  Chores that loomed onerously become mere child's play.  People whose conversation you could barely tolerate an hour before take on the glow of the beloved.

Ahhhh, naps!  Nicest snatched on a sofa with a neglected job or two in the background, most delicious when most desperately needed, there is nothing like a nap for restoring the world to its proper perspective.

(can you tell I got one today?!)

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