December 27, 2011

a day in the life ....

Snapshot for today:

Around my neck today is a red scarf I crocheted, white snowflakes on the ends.  Feels festive and lifts my spirits.

My Farmer just put Lil' Snip to bed after a day of much fussing.  We love that little guy, but we were glad to see his bedtime arrive.  May his night be long and refreshing, and may he wake up in a better temper than we've seen for days.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice are playing dress-up.  I've heard Spice referred to as the "Asian princess".  I'm not sure about the identities of the other two.  There is a lot of dancing that I suspect is a novel accompaniment to Handel's Messiah (which is still playing two days after Christmas and which I have no intention of removing from the stereo in the near future).

The laptop is currently (temporarily?) residing in a dark corner of the kitchen near the door to the backyard - a door which my Farmer, incidentally, freed a few years ago while I was away for the weekend.  It had been boarded over for decades and its unearthing makes seven doors in the kitchen, as well as adding a window, and giving us a quicker route to the garden, chicken yard, and (more importantly) the hammock.  But oh yeah, the reason why the laptop (and I) are back here is that we have upgraded from dialup internet (I'll give you a second to get up from your faint) to a wireless 4G connection.  But.  Since we are in the sticks, coverage is spotty and works best from this dark (and peaceful, now that Lil' Snip's in bed) corner of the kitchen.

My Farmer, having tucked Lil' Snip into his crib with bear and "night-night" (that's "blanket" for you big people), is now plucking randomly at his banjo, making music and airing his soul at the same time.

The potato chowder we had for supper is tucked away in the fridge for a repeat session later in the week.  I always make too big a pot ... probably because I don't use a recipe and often only remember key ingredients as I go along (i.e. "oh that's right, I usually put ham/hard-boiled eggs/celery/garlic in here...").   That's okay, it turned out well and will save me from having to come up with a menu some night.

I figured out how to read while using the elliptical, and have finished reading Dorothy Canfield's The Home-maker.  I don't know when I've read a more viscerally shocking book.  What was that one on the high school reading list?  The Catcher in the Rye?  This one (published in 1924) wasn't as crude, but I have a feeling that Dorothy was one strong woman.  I'm not sure we would have been friends.  Her book gave me plenty to think about, although I much preferred her children's novel, Understood Betsy.

And now the daughters are wrapping things up for the night ... early bedtimes started way back when they were all babies and we've learned to enjoy our couple of quiet hours to wind down from the day after they all go to bed.  It'll be another hour yet till everything is quiet, but it's in sight.

And that's it for today .... another day in the life of our family.  Thanks for peeking in.  What was your day like?

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