December 4, 2011

He gives more grace

He really does.

My ears had heard all they could hear.  The older children were happy-loud, and I was thankful for their health, but they had recovered not just their health but some of their bad habits as well, and I was too tired to do anything about it.  (I know, I know, I'm not supposed to admit that.  It was, however, the unfortunate truth.)

So I put earplugs in.  And issued a 10-minute whispers-only break-for-mama's-ears.  And prayed for strength to minister to the tiniest one, so grouchy from no sleep, wanting to be independent but wanting the comfort of mama more.

I showed him books.  I played trucks.  I played puzzles.  I tried and tried to understand his pidgin English.  So frustrated, he was, when mama didn't understand those almost-words.

I loved him.

I didn't have it in me.

To my utmost gratitude, God did.  And in His love and mercy, once more He provided, loaning some from His bottomless well of love and mercy to bereft me.

: : :

The little one's in bed now, and my earplugs are out.  Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice are playing Memory on the kitchen table (at Daddy's "suggestion" after the rough-housing in the livingroom turned nasty).  They are mostly kind to each other.

Forgiveness is a valuable skill, too.  And tomorrow is another day.

: : :

[the list I didn't make, last week while I worried ... ]

# 533 - 543
           His faithfulness to forgive my sin

           His power, when I ask

           the warming wintry sun

           courtesy of a hunter, a stranger to us

           the deermeat he offered - God bless him for his generosity!!

           a child's prayer for success, answered

           a friend from long ago, buying my pottery with smiles

           all those teddy bears, even unsold

           rescue of one of God's precious children


           my Farmer, humbled to serve us

           a true power nap on my favorite "pillow"


  1. "To my utmost gratitude, God did." I just love that! A child's prayers... so sweet. Those teddy bears are so cute! What a precious, beautiful child!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! The teddy bears were for a craft fair (now I need to set up an etsy shop), and the child pictured ... did you read her story? Just amazing what God can do with one family's willing hearts.


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