November 28, 2011

diamond in the rough

Did you ever have a day when you needed a little shot of victory, even if it was someone else's?  Well, today was like that for me, and if you read on, it may be your lucky day, too.

I want to introduce you to a family who lives near me.  They have accomplished much just in raising their own family with love, but recently they took on something much, much larger - so large that God alone could bring success.

And He did.

They adopted a precious, desperately mal-nourished and under-developed little girl with Down's syndrome from another country, which was a miraculous journey in and of itself.  They are now trying to love her back to health.  I watch eagerly as the story unfolds, and this child of God is enfolded in the arms of God Himself through the loving care of this family.

Katerina is nine and a half.  Years, not months.  And this family has already, in a short, short time, loved her from this:

to this:

I hope their story blesses you as it has me.

Click here for Katerina's Story...


  1. Hmmm, my comment didn't take. Just wrote that I stayed up till 2 last night reading Katie's story. I was deeply touched.

  2. Ahhh, yes! (sorry your first comment didn't go through...) Their family is an inspiration and an encouragement to me of what God can do through human vessels. Glad you enjoyed it (and hope you could get a nap today!)


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