November 11, 2011


If you were to peek into our lives over the last few weeks, 
here is what you might have seen ....

Grandma not only gave Mommy the day off, she set the girls to making applesauce while she was there!  They made and canned 13 quarts, all finished before Mommy came home.

We spent a day baking and decorating cookies for Sugar and Spice to sell 
at church to raise money for Bibles for India.

For five lovely days we played at a cabin in the mountains, 
part of the time with extended family.  

Teepees that grow more elaborate with each year that we go.  
This year they made "natural museums" complete with little mossy displays.

Lil' Snip loves his corners!

My Farmer was thrilled to find over a dozen different (and new to him) forms of fungus.

And everyday adventures.....

Dressing Lil' Snip up in a Honduran vest that Daddy wore when he was little:

Bounty of colorful carrots from my Farmer's fields:

Tasting agar (!?) from an extra petri dish my Farmer filled for propagating mushrooms:

Tea party surprise one day after Quiet Time:

Sunshine transforming the ordinary:

Our "Farmers' Breakfast":  kale and onions, toast, egg on ham with broiled cheese & tomatoes, coffee, and two squares of dark chocolate to finish it off.

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  1. What fun! We made applesauce yesterday! The girls like turning the crank as well! But what a pleasant surprise to come home and have it done for you! :) And those pictures of your baby boy....he is growing up so fast! The one of him in his corner, I could just pinch his cheeks! Landon likes to hide too!


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