November 22, 2011

rainy day thanks

When it's sunny and the children are cheerful and the husband is home and the floors are clean and time lasts longer than the to-do list, it's easy to be thankful, it flows effortless as springwaters after rainfall.

But it doesn't bless me like being thankful does when the rains have been scarce and the spring has dried up to a trickle.

Today, with tight schedule made tighter by bowing to Lil' Snip's needs, with heart heavy from one sister's careless cruel words to another, with eyes aching from sleep I didn't get, with dark skies out my window instead of sunshine ... today it blesses me to be thankful.

I will be thankful ...

... for my Farmer, willing to do the uncomfortable thing because it benefits someone else, the hard thing because it's right.

... that a nap is helping Lil' Snip's enormous grouchiness, even though it complicates my plans for the day.

... that my family defied my expectations and liked those chicken hearts, actually preferred them to maple syrup on their waffles!!

... for that look of love he gives me, still.

... for a daughter's rush of remorse over her unkindness.

... for hard pretzels and leftover cheese fondue.

... for hard cider, so sweet & uncomplicated

... that when the sewing machine wouldn't, it wasn't for a necessary project.

... for the longday ache and knowing that bedtime is coming.

... for a really good garlic dill pickle.

... for a choice to not be offended.

And I thank my Creator, who does all things well, that in his generous wisdom he commands me to be thankful in everything, knowing that the thanking will bless me even more than the blessings themselves.


  1. Dear Lorena,
    God blesses me much through your words and the lessons He is tenderly teaching you. I love to read your life on here - you have a gift for expressing it - but even more delightful than the way of expressing is the content. Praise God for His great mercy and kindness, and that from over 3,000 miles away, your life blesses, encourages and teaches mine. I hope to someday (if God blesses me with children) be able to come to you for mommy counsel! Thank you and praise God!
    -Aimee Beth

  2. Aimee Beth - thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I have learned so much from your mom and the life of your family. I am just grateful that I have anything to pass on - it feels like a way to pay back those who have taught me.


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