March 1, 2012

foggy day

I drove to moms' group this morning through fog.  I love fog.  It's exciting to me:  feels like adventure around the corner, mysteries about to be unveiled, impossibilities becoming possible (all good, of course).  "Grownup" that I am, I almost expect to find fairyland come to life when I'm in the fog.

I know some people hate fog; they preach its danger for drivers and dub it fearful.  I do slow down, use low beams, everything my father taught me.  But I still like fog.

I remember one of those so-called psychological tests popular in high school (and beyond, for some of us) where you ask questions and take note of answers and then reveal the key to the test-taker's inner truth in the symbolism of the questions.  This one asked what you feel in the fog.

I said "anticipation".

In the answers, fog symbolized the afterlife.

If that "test" is as bogus as all good pseudo-psychology is, then I probably like the fog because one of my favorite childhood books was about a city that only existed in the fog.

But if there's any truth to the symbolism, my answer would still be the same.  When I think of life after death, I feel delighted anticipation.  As much as I enjoy life and find it unthinkably awful to leave my family brokenhearted behind me, I confess that I am eager to run into the arms of my Savior (Luke 15:20), to have him present me "without fault and with great joy" to the Father (Jude 24), to have finished, finally, the race set before me and to receive that which was unattainable to me here on earth:  a crown of righteousness (2 Timothy 4:6-8).

To know fully my Maker, as I am fully known (I Corinthians 13:12), to worship unfettered by fears and distractions, to receive a new name (Isaiah 62:2-5; Revelation 2:17), to be done with weariness, to have every tear wiped away, to no longer know pain or crying (Revelation 21:4), to drink from the crystal river and to live in the Light of the Lamb ... surely this is worthy of anticipation.

So I'll drive carefully in the fog.  But I'll always be looking around the corner, too, for Life Eternal.

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  1. What a fantastic perspective! Thank you so much for sharing it with me! Anticipating with you....


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