April 19, 2013

beauty remains

I'd been saying for months that I needed a break, that I just needed life to stop a little and let me off.  After spending most of March either caring for sick children or being sick myself, it was more than time for some kind of respite.

Sugar, Spice, and I counted up our schooling days for the year and discovered that we only needed fifteen more, and had three months in which to fulfill them:  can you say "spring break?!?"

I could!

The girls wrote up proposals as to how they planned to use their hypothetical holiday.  The results were . . . entertaining.

During the two-week spring break, I propose that we could keep doing typing, nothing else.  We would play outside, therefore doing nature study, seeing that flowers are blooming, and we would be furthermore occupied with playing with the cats.  The aforesaid playing with cats will also be useful towards our education; we will learn how they - cats - act, also about how to care efficiently for animals 
Another thing is this:  the spring break will be healthy for our bodies and our hearts because we will be exercising our hearts and muscles by riding bike and jumping on the trampoline. 
I suggest that you continue with the plans for a two-week spring break, seeing that it is approved on all sides.  I think that is is a most excellent plan, and I sincerely hope to see it put in use this spring.


Here is a list of things I might do during Spring vacation.  Your the best teacher I've ever had, since preschool. 
1) play with the cats
2) weed the daffodils
3) rake the leaves out of the flower beds
4) type
5) dig up the purple crocuses to transplant (with your permission)
6) sew (maybe)
7) write things
9) look for birds nests
10) pick flowers
11) bead
12) take books outside to read
13) take naps outside (only on warm days)
14) invite friends over
15) make candles 
So, I think two weeks of spring vacation is a very good idea!!

I submitted their proposals to the principal (my Farmer), who approved heartily, and we took a break:  two whole beautiful weeks of no [intentional] school, and lots of free play.  My mind relaxed, my body took itself outside, and my eyes were opened, again, to the beauty I'd forgotten existed.  It brought the deeper breaths, rejuvenating the jaded parts.

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If you're a news junkie (which most people are without realizing it, just like sugar addiction), you've lately been feeding on a lot of tragedy and fear.  In light of that, it could feel almost indecent to offer beauty to you here.  However, whether our media chooses to feature them for us or not, hard things are happening to undeserving people around the world every day ... and yet the beauty also exists, and is undimmed.

I can focus on the fear .... or on the beauty.


  1. yes, yes, cousin. Focus is everything. Focus on one hard thing always excludes, diminishes, and dismisses someone else's equally painful difficulty (because there are so many around the country and the world). God's beauty and presence is ubiquitous and our focus on that only expands it.

    1. "God's beauty and presence is ubiquitous and our focus on that only expands it." I love that! And your insight into what happens when we focus on one hard thing - so true.


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