April 1, 2013


I've had a sore throat for over a week.  I'd had enough by day three, when I lost my voice.  Waking myself up at night coughing did nothing to improve my attitude.  Despite leading a talk on home remedies at our moms' group earlier this winter, I could not kick this cold.

It's Monday, after a full Easter.  My throat still hurts, and I'm drowning in hormones and breaking the yoke in my egg brought the tears this morning and boy, do I want to wallow.

But it's sunny outside, a glorious 50 degrees, and the Brandenburg concertos chirp exhortingly from the livingroom.  My son is bringing me Lego cars, and towers he's built for me.

It's time to re-focus.

Count them with me?

1- daffodils
2- bluebells!!
3 - sunshine & WARMTH
4 - in his own words:  "My stuffy nose is getting better, Mommy!"
5 - a flat tire, noticed close to home instead of halfway there
6 - that a cancelled meeting means a nap for me
7 - the first day of our spring break!!
8 - a filmy scarf from Italy (handed-down)
9 - my husband, calling from work
10 - hot tea for my throat
11 - a prayer for me
12 - one for a friend
13 - courage to ask about crowns
14 - a line-up of Lego creations, all made for me!
15 - his precision in naming colors, already
16 - that color exists!
18 - anticipating a "drop-in"  :)
19 - curly garlic
20 - tiny bare toes
21 - a boy who asks for snuggles
22 - sisters
23 - laughter
24 - Southern Comfort for a cold (?)
25 - colored glass
26 - shoes for all their feet
27 - wool yarn
28 - crayon art
29 - embroidered tea towels
30 - wooden cutting board
31 - brilliant smile of a cancer-fighting friend
32 - indigo, aquamarine, teal, cobalt, french navy - all the blues
33 - buttercup, sunshine, tangerine, Kubota - all the yellowy oranges
34 - Isaiah, running pell-mell toward the trashcan:  
"I've a fuzzy!! Catch 'im, catch 'im!!"

Well, my throat still hurts, but my heart is happier for the hunting.  God always does show up.

"You will seek me and find me 
when you seek me with all your heart."  
Jeremiah 29:13


  1. boy do I need this today.Yesterday was a Long day of cramps and fatigue and blurry head superimposed on long day of running errands in Nairobi, ended by 5 hours of driving which included a trip home (almost) and then retracing our trip and returning to the city due to a flooded river we could not cross 10 min from home. Got to bed by 10 pm at the home of our mcc reps. Just wasn't up for sleeping in a manyatta among the cockroaches (sorry I just know too much and am too much of a wimp) last night. woke up today feeling yucko still and launched into two different chaotic logistic puzzles trying to make things work out and be efficient in the face of chaos. One situation seems to be getting as remedied as possible and the other is not. So, I need to make my list of thankfulness, too. Thanks for the reminder. Ooh! that's the first three:1. good internet here in our place of refuge from the flood. 2. wise and wonderful cousin who blogs. 3. God's grace that loves me in my chaotic inability to handle chaos;)

  2. Oh cousin - hope you soon, SOON, feel better in body and spirit! Won't heaven be refreshing? And 'till then, it is always, always possible to be still, if just for a moment, and know that we don't have to be God, because He is. Prayers and tears and hopes to you!


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