June 27, 2013

facebook facade

I'm curious by nature, so when a random thought struck me this morning at breakfast, I asked my Farmer about it.  "What kind of person do I seem like on facebook?" I asked him.

He thought for a bit.  Proceeded cautiously.

"Maybe a little more saintly than in real life."

I thought so.  "Is it all the gratitude lists?" I asked.  "Does saying what I'm thankful for make me seem like I'm happy all the time?"

"Yeah, maybe.  And the stuff you write about the children . . ."

Like it's all fun and games, I guess.  Like I adore mommy-hood and swallow the sacrifice like a sacrament, making me holy.  Like life is one long list of gifts.

Sometimes I do feel that way, for a few minutes.  Most of the hours, though, of the past few years, I've felt more like an adolescent muddling her way through identity angst.  Not terribly uplifting facebook material.  I value honesty and vulnerability, but I also see that when my newsfeed is full of my friends' attitude & anger, frustration and failure, it gets me down.  And one person's bright thought can light the darkness.

I want to be a brightener!

But I want to be real, too . . . so I blog (**mischievous grin**).  Anyone who comes here, reads by choice.  Consumption is optional.

So.  I guess if you want the "whatever is ... admirable ... think on these things" me, friend me on facebook.  And if you want the rest of the story, read my blog.

Just sayin'.

" ... shining like bright lights ... " Philippians 2:15


  1. Love it!! Especially "consumption is optional". You're an awesome woman, btw.

  2. I appreciate both sides of you, for both of your expressed reasons. Praise God for the admonition to dwell on what is true, right, lovely, worthy of praise...and also to be honest. Thank you for facebooking and blogging (yours is one of the few I try to regularly keep up on)...keep it up!

  3. Aimee, you are such an encouragement to me! Thank you!


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