June 13, 2013

How to be a Good Mother, Part 2

Once more I have the pleasure of introducing a daughter-writer to you, this time Sugar, who caught the spirit of things with the discovery of Spice's Tips, and wrote up a few of her own.  I do, of course, plan to present them both with their lists upon the births of their first children.  It will be my greatest joy to watch them succeed where I floundered.  

I present to you:

Sugar's Tips on How to Be a Good Mother:

1. Make sure you know who is responsible for the problem.

2. Try to be patient, so that the noise level won't have your contribution.

3. Make sure your punishment works, that is, keeps them from wanting to do it again.

4. Try to understand why they did it.

5. Don't expect too much of them, remember, they're human too.

6. Set a good example, they watch you and look up to you.

7. Set options : "Do the right thing or you'll have to...", but not as a threat.

8. Give them a little responsibility, just enough to make them feel important, but no more than they can handle.

9. Stop habits as soon as they start, that's when they're easiest to stop.

10. Don't put up with whining and begging, it makes everyone unhappy.  Instead, imitate a cheerful voice.

11. Teach your children to respect one another and one another's needs.

12. Tell your child what they did wrong,what they should do instead, and give them a chance to do it before you apply punishment.

13. Don't make punishments too hard.

14. Eat healthy foods most of the time, it'll keep your teeth in good condition.  It will also teach your children good habits.

15. Don't accuse your child of doing wrong, ask them if they did it or not.

16. Make sure your children tell the truth, teach them to speak it early on and they will always remember it.

17. Teach your children good habits while they're young, so that they're won't be as many bad ones to break.

18. Talk gently, not angrily or in a cross way.

19. Explain your feelings.  It will help your children feel ashamed if they did wrong, and eager to help if you're sad.

20. Keep a personal "mother's diary" to look back and see your progress at being a patient mother.

21. Don't say 'no' right off when your child asks you something.  Give yourself time to think it over; then they will know that you actually decided what was best for them.

22. Help your children understand your choices.

23. If your children go to school, make sure they learn housework as well as play.

24. When you tell your children something that they're to do, explain how to do it so that they understand and don't forget it.

25. Don't let your children stay up very late, remember; "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or child) healthy...and wise.


  1. How old are these girls? My goodness. I don't know if I could have come up with such a list right off the bat and of course its excellent!

  2. They're nine and eleven. I figure they gathered their tips based on what they wished I was doing differently ....


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