May 25, 2014

bits of me

Surrounded by ten little girls in the 3rd-5th grade church club, I tore photos from magazines, chose words and images that appealed to me for any reason at all, glued them to construction paper while they did the same.  A "getting-to-know-you" activity when we began meeting in the fall, it worked well to give us a bit of a glimpse into each other's personalities and preferences.

I had so much fun, I made another one at home.  It's surprising how a collage can capture someone's essence.

It's not terribly grown-up of me, probably, but I wish I had a collage from each of my friends, to help me see life through their eyes, just a bit.


  1. I love making collages, too! Maybe this sounds silly, but sometimes I've made them as a sort of prayer. But I haven't made one in a very long time. Maybe yours will inspire me!

  2. Queenie, I'd LOVE to see yours! And I like the idea of making them as a sort of prayer, made of pictures - for me, a medley of "please" and "thank you". We can't be the only "silly" ones out there ... I really would like one for each of my friends. Maybe I should just start asking! :)


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