May 24, 2014


In the three years of this blog's life (I don't count 2006, when I started the blog, wrote three posts, and then promptly forgot about it for five years) I've written 297 posts.  Fifteen of those are unfinished, unpublished drafts.

I published one post in March, one in April, and one in May.

In April I saved four drafts; three in May.  Hmmm. . . .  Half of all the unfinished posts on this blog are in the past two months.

You'd almost think I was in some kind of stasis....

I've got drafts on strength, and joy, and sickness.  On Lil' Snip (who had a birthday recently), and God, on standing alone, and being part of a body.

Sometimes I open a draft and add to what I've written .... or delete it entirely.

I wonder what will happen to them, those unfinished thoughts waiting to be born ...

[like this one, a preemie, really ...]  

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