July 6, 2011

small pleasures

A summer rain, rushing in to drench a dreary world, and leaving filled with sun.

A small boy with a blue rhinoceros on his shirt, reaching up soft arms in confident appeal.

Companionable daughters, hair-dressing their dollies.

A quiet hour, a good book to read, a bar of chocolate.

A gift given out of love and fullness of heart, received in like spirit.

Air-conditioning on a muggy day, just enough to cool without a chill.

The tiny serendipity of bringing in the laundry just before the unnoticed rain.

The cozy sense of belonging.

The neighborly feeling of knowing who is riding that same motorcycle up and down the road all day.

A child, asleep under sun-dried sheets, almost but not quite too old for a nap.

My sturdy son, crowing for his tractor to be lifted down from the shelf.

Sibling love.

A phone call from my husband, to tell me he might be late, but probably not, just to let me know in case.

Simple suppers that nonetheless satisfy my family.

A good night's sleep.

A morning cup of coffee, drunk in comfortable silence with the friend of my life, my husband.

A daughter's gradual, hard-won victory over pessimism.

Another daughter's prayer, thanking God for herself.

My son's chuckle as he investigates the eternal fascination that is his world.

Reading aloud to my daughters a book that brings light to my heart and tears to my eyes.

Kindred spirits, every one.

Lightness of heart that arrives with the rain, inexplicably.


The Father of heavenly lights, down from whom comes every good and perfect gift.


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