July 15, 2011

wishes (borrowed)

Sugar and I share a journal, writing back and forth to each other, sometimes as regular as schoolwork, sometimes as inspiration strikes.  She wrote to me yesterday, asking me what I would wish for, if I had three wishes.  (She'd choose a spyglass, a bell for her bike, and pretty painted bedroom walls).  I had to think awhile.

Here is what I wrote:

Dear Sugar,

Three wishes, hmmm?  Well now, that requires a bit of thought....  I think I would wish for a maid, a pottery wheel, and a brown leather coat!  It's fun to wish, isn't it?

Right now, though, I'm thankful for beautiful weather, daughters who can help with cleaning, the pottery classes I've been able to take, and clothes to keep me warm in winter and cool in summer.

And ... a sweet little boy, a kind and patient and courageous husband, a 9 year-old who is seeking God's heart, a 7 year-old who is teaching her tongue to behave, and a 5 year-old who is happy to be herself.  What more riches could I want?

I love you, Sugar!


Gratitude is powerful.  By the time I was done, what I wished for paled beside the wealth I had.  Thank you, Sugar, for the lesson!

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