August 18, 2011

a word of explanation

Ever vigilant regarding false advertising, I noticed lately that my own blog may be guilty.  My posts have tended more toward the thoughts in my life than the actual happenings.  (Or, the thoughts that the happenings ignite.)  In light of that, my blog title "my life:  in short" began to seem a little inaccurate.

If the new title reminds you of parody, it should (lest I appear to be thinking too much of my own philosophical meanderings).  Apologies to Jack Handey & SNL.

Well, with a 5-year-old singing incessantly (but pleasantly!) in the background, accompanied by her grizzling 14- (or is it 15?) month-old brother, and my mother arriving any moment to give me a break today, not to mention the rapidly approaching naptime of the aforementioned 14-month-old, that's all the deeper I can manage for now.....

Today is definitely a "sometimes."

[afternote:  I briefly renamed this blog "Deep Thoughts, Sometimes."  After a day or two, when it became evident that "deep" was not going to be sustainable, it reverted to its former uninspiring name, as you see it now.]

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