August 25, 2011

what's for supper?

To keep, or not to keep, that is the question.

I have a deep suspicion that I am the only one who reads this feature on my blog. And I am beginning to have a deep desire to deep-six it (i.e. permanently discontinue said feature).

What started out as a way to try to prevent having too many of the same old meals (and to maybe give ideas to anyone desperate enough for supper ideas to check out mine), has become, more or less, simply a public record of too many of the same old meals. Now, as much as I would love for all my mommy-blogging friends to start a what's-for-supper sidebar on their blogs (hint, hint), I am thinking the productive life of mine has ended (if ever it began).

Your vote?


  1. I like reading what you are eating for supper! How do you make your cordon bleu casserole? And do you have any pinto bean recipes? For fresh pintos. Mine aren't canned. I just don't always actually read your blog from your blog page, but from my google reader, which doesn't show your pretty blog. :)

  2. Glad to hear it! The "cordon bleu" casserole involves 1 1/2 cups of brown rice, 3 cups of broth, a can of "cream of" soup, chicken tenders, strips of ham, shredded cheese, and is topped with bread crumbs, paprika & parsley. The amounts are all "whatever fits in your pan."

    I baked it an hour, I think, at 350, and it wasn't getting done fast enough so I cranked the heat up to 400. Brown rice takes too long in the oven. I think I'd use a higher temperature from the start next time, and plan for longer.

    I use pinto beans in my baked beans recipe. And chili? Actually - no, the beans I use for both those recipes are called "chili beans" but they look like dark pink pintos. I use dry - if you're using "fresh" then you wouldn't have to soak them.

  3. I'm too ashamed to post what's for dinner. Mostly leftovers. Or various garden vegetables this time of year. Or tortillas. We eat a lot of tortillas. Please keep posting. I need a lot of help (and some prayer wouldn't hurt either) in the area of meal planning (planning? What planning?) and cooking.

  4. Oh Queenie, I feel ashamed of how *little* I use the garden veggies available to me!! Tortillas are just lovely - and do you see all the times I've served frozen pizza?! Part of my reasoning for the column, too, was to be real. I do love to cook "gourmet" but frankly a lot of times it's 3:00 and I'm looking through the pantry to see if we have a jar of store-bought pasta sauce to serve with frozen vegetables. Don't be ashamed. You're just like the rest of us!


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