August 25, 2011

Richard Paul Evans & the meaning of life

A quote from A Perfect Day, which is, in my humble opinion, a book every aspiring writer should read, and an excellent read for anyone at all, at least as far as page 197, where this quote occurs:

“... The simple truth is that we don't come to earth to make a name for ourselves just so time can erase it. That's not what it's about.”

“Then what is it about?”

Michael smiled. “Finally you're asking the right question. But you already know the answer. You've always known.” He looked into my eyes and his gaze pierced me. “It's about learning how to love.”

Get the book in your hands if you can.  Our local library system has it, and I bet yours does, too.  If you've ever wanted "success" in any form, this book may clear your vision a bit.

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