August 23, 2011

am I doing anything important?!

"There are no great things; only small things done with great love."  ~ Mother Teresa

Just last night I was wondering if I am doing anything at all important with my life.

The days and months feel like they're moving so quickly right now, and so easily get away from me.  I look back on my day and think, what did I do that mattered?  

There's nothing too impressive on my to-do list (not that got crossed off anyway)....... 

but you know, 

I fed my family, 
washed their clothes, 
kissed their boo-boos, 
taught my children, 
encouraged my husband, and

if I did those things with love, then what I did was important.  


  1. That's exactly right. Your "to do list" was yours. God's "to do list" was a little different & showed you (and me) more of His beauty. :)
    God bless you!

  2. I struggle with that everyday! Wondering if what I am doing makes a difference. But it does. We are building up the kingdom of God, and that's one of the most important things to be doing! Love your writing Lorena! :)


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