September 19, 2011

blog lite

So I'm reading all these high caliber Writer blogs and shedding tears over the beauty they encapsulate in words and gut-wrenching and feeling that lovely deep pang that happens when you read something lovely and deep and I yearn and yearn, wanting to be like Them and be recognized and famous for Touching Lives and Reaching People and rendering all the best of life into gorgeous poetic photography ....

.... and suddenly, I've had enough, like when you're partway through a bearclaw pastry and realize that, whoa, that's why you usually drink coffee with these things - they are just toooooo sweet otherwise.

I need me some blog lite already.

Something close to joy, but not so Deep.  More like happy.  Call me Pollyanna if it soothes your inner bitter, but sometimes I don't need my gut wrenched.  Sometimes I don't need poignant and sometimes even poetic doesn't do it for me.  Life's just not always best viewed through a microscope, no matter what the image trend.  Sometimes you don't gaze fervently but just glance happily around.

Cheerful is vastly underrated.

: :

There!  That's all - no moral to my story!

I'm off to pull some mozzarella with my kids.  Cheerio!!

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