September 21, 2011

gratitude plus

Suddenly, out of the long longed-for sweet, crisp autumn air, comes a bad case of congestion.  I don't even care much if it's allergies or a cold.  It hits me hard, and I just want to lay down my heavy head and close my strangely aching eyes and dream of other things.  Any dream will do, really, as long as I can breathe in it.

And yet.

I have a choice.

I can dwell on (and in) my misery .....

Or ....

.... I could aim high, hitch my wagon to that star, and grasp for gratitude.  I will.

: :

I will be grateful for health so amazing that a simple stuffed nose could undo me.

I will be grateful that one nostril is open.

I will be grateful that it's during vacation week, when not so much is expected of me, when I can read books and watch movies and not feel like I am neglecting Important Matters.

I will be glad for sleep - not always possible with congestion.

I will rejoice for all those unsung months of clear breathing that I never knew to notice.

I will praise my Maker for joy instead of mere comfort.

I will be thankful for the freezer shelf full of chicken broth and plenty of garlic on hand.

I will enjoy the rest.

And when my grasp weakens and the damp cloud of self-pity darkens my eyes again ....

.... I will start all over, finding the gifts that are there, always there, for the finding.

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