September 15, 2011

pretty good millet

Let's get this straight from the start:  despite what more enterprising countries (like Africa) may do with millet, in this country, it is largely purchased as birdseed.  There's a reason for that, and yes, it has to do with flavor.  Our North American palates are accustomed to SWEET and SALTY and unless you add a lot of sugar or MSG to millet, you are going to be mostly impressed with its blandness.  [Thus, the unambitious recipe name.]

That said, and keeping in mind its high nutritive value (comments about birdbrains aside), I think I have found a way to prepare millet that at least gets me some "Mmmm!"s from my family.  Anticipating a large demand for that sort of recipe (ha), I share it with you here.  Serve in place of rice.

Pretty Good Millet
3-4 cups chicken broth (you can always add more towards the end if it looks too dry)
2 T soy sauce
Heat these in a medium saucepan while you toast the millet.

1 cup millet
Toast it in a dry skillet, constantly stirring, until it starts popping and giving off a fragrance.  Pour into the heated broth.

1 onion (large if you're an onion-lover; otherwise you decide!)
some oil
Dice onion & saute in oil.  Add to the millet and broth.  Bring to a boil; simmer covered 20 minutes or till the millet has absorbed the broth and is soft.  If you don't stir it at all, and are using a heavy pan, you might get lucky and have some of it brown on the bottom.  Yum!


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