September 27, 2011


Sugar, fond of paging through the craft books I pick up in moments of "should-ness", has been longing to make her own stationary.  I've been saving dryer lint for her for months, and weeks ago my Farmer made the necessary screened frame.  Our week of "play-cation" offered the perfect opportunity to try it out.

First the tearing - one small brown bag reduced to sog in a dishpan of water.

The blender made a fine slurry of lint and paper bag.

Lift the screened frame through the dishpan of slurry.  Gently press dried flowers into the slurry on the screen and press gently with a clean, smooth cloth.  No photos of the actual screening ... I went first to demonstrate and let's just say I ended up wet and in no mood to play photojournalist.  But the end result was nice.

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