September 11, 2011

thanking in the week.....

September 11, 2011

Starting the night before to get my Monday off on the right foot, I mentally gather my blessings and jot them down:

1) homemade bread, with butter
2) the skill and desire for (and delight in) making it
3) sharp knives to cut it with (well worth the summer week of college spent selling Cutco)
4) that I married into butter and not margarine!
5) open windows admitting cooling air
6) a laptop after years of being tethered to the desk
7) crickets and their universal song, reminding me of other nights, far away and long ago
8) my children's father and his gentle love for them
9) (also his mischievousness and love of fun)
10) (yes, even his tendency to exploit the gullibilitytrusting nature of his wife)
11) the simple pleasure of weaving glossy thread into girlish circlets
12) that our tv mostly lives up high and out of sight
13) the braided rug a century old bought from his grandma, nearly a century herself this year
14) the heritage we have, of trust in God
15) good books that give a glimpse into others' lives
16) giggles of a toddler
17) selflessness of the youngest sister
18) that sweeping the porch can be a fun privilege, the first times

And off I go to (19) my dry, unflooded bed to sleep with my Farmer, under (20) the wool comforter I took five years to make from squares of pale linen and rich earthy colors. Good night, sweet dreams, and feel free to drop a comment with some of your own “1000 gifts....”

Gratitude opens our eyes to truth and strengthens our arms for the burdens of life.


  1. A nephew who fixed our plumbing problem....yea, the sink now empties and the commode flushes eagerly! I don't know which number this is, but I enjoyed reading your list. Thanks, Lorena for sharing.

  2. Hooray for indoor plumbing!! And how awesome to have a plumbing nephew. Glad your facilities are in working order once more.

  3. There is *nothing* like fresh, homemade bread. YUM. Married into butter... love it! lol Yay for good books. Love your beautiful comforter!

  4. Alida, you are right, I am gloriously blessed, and doubly so when I take the time to notice it!

    Thanks for the compliments on the comforter, Jennifer. If you were nearby, I'd invite you over for a slice of bread - there's still some left! (with butter, of course) :o) And I'm always open to recommendations for a good book!


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