September 19, 2011

thanking in the week

How easy it is sometimes to be grateful. This week is a particularly easy one to thank in – we're vacationing from home this week, and looking forward to all manner of enjoyment together.

Up for consideration: cheese-making, tent-sleeping, hammock-napping, campfire-sitting, woods-stomping, mushroom-hunting, comforter-quilting, railroad-riding, restaurant-eating, paper-making, movie-watching, cookie-baking, bike-riding, and story-reading, along with a healthy dose of the mundane (floor-sweeping, rug-shaking, grocery-shopping, dishes-washing, diaper-changing, and even dentist-going.)

I am eager for all of it, though, just for the togetherness of it. Somehow, preparing a meal for a family that is all right here is joy a few significant notches higher than when one very important member is gone all day.

My special beauties collected already, since Friday:

# 119 – excited whispers of sleeping-bagged daughters
# 118 - “head-rattling” hard pretzels and hot spice tea
# 117 – saying “yes”
# 116 - crickets for sleepsong after months of fans
# 115 – white muslin curtains on dark, scrolled rods
# 114 - hymns in the dark

# 113 - campfire's embers: sunset in ashes
# 112 - his first s'more
# 111 - that the list so quickly lengthens
# 110 - buttered toast with daughters around dim table, delicious!
# 109 - Lil' Snip glistening drool, agape in wonder at cold, and first sneakers, and fleece hoodie, and pecans on the driveway, just right for little fists
# 108 - the daughters playing school when I give them the day off!
# 107 - all four sleeping in for once!
# 106 - the Word, mine for the reading
# 105 - pulling on socks again
# 104 - air cool to make me thankful for four walls
# 103 - getting up anyway

Oh yeah. This week's an easy one.  Care to share your own gifts in the comments?  Small or large, easy or hard, each one drops from His loving hand....

Gratitude opens our eyes to truth and strengthens our arms for the burdens of life.

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