May 20, 2012


I have been bleating everywhere the wonders of a sugar-free diet.

My friends, I'm sure, are exercising extreme patience when they hear me getting started on The Topic.  The few who read my blog probably delete new posts from their inbox as soon as they see it's on sugar again.  Facebook friends have most likely changed their settings to "hide all by ..." until the word sugar disappears from my vocabulary.

So, given this afternoon's indulgence with my Farmer, a confession is probably in order:

I ate a bowl of ice cream.

Green's Columbian Chip, to be exact.  My very favorite.  The last half of the carton has been lingering in the freezer ever since The Big Switch.

I have been low on sleep lately (thank you, Lil' Snip) and that has always been a sugar trigger for me.  I should have been on the alert.  No, that's not quite true:  I was on the alert.  I took a nap first - an hour or more of hard sleep.  I didn't really "need" the ice cream by the time I woke up.  I wanted it.

And I ate it.

I should tell you that it was too sweet, that I feel terrible now, that that does it, I'm swearing off sugar FOREVER.

Actually, it was good.  And I feel fine.  Sorry, but that's the truth.  I love a good story as much as the next guy, but I love truth even more.

I'm back to sugar freedom again now ... and there will probably be more posts on that adventure ... but in the meantime ... I wanted you to know.


(click here for my next post on sugar freedom, and here for the first post in my story)

1 comment:

  1. ah, yes. the unvarnished truth. that's why i read. glad you enjoyed the ice cream and glad there were no lingering ill effects.


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