May 19, 2012

sugar freedom: day 11

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May 9, Wednesday
[from my post on MOMYS]

I would love to be popping in with another rave review on how sugar is drastically improving my life, but frankly I feel yucky.  My husband, too.  We are wondering if the nightly potato is somehow backfiring on us.  Do we have even more bizarre body chemistry than just sugar-sensitive?  I've had maybe one good night of sleep since starting the potato thing, and while I will say that going without sugar has (I think) made my mind clearer and my emotions (perhaps) more stable, physically I am not impressed right now.

Maybe we've got a touch of a bug or something, but I really don't feel "sick" .... just .... weird.

Ever since starting the potato thing we've both been waking up at least once during the night.  I don't like to check the clock too much because that makes me focus on how long am I awake, etc., but it kind of feels like the same time of night each time.  Often we're having trouble falling asleep (me) or getting back to sleep after waking (him).

And the last day or two we've both dreaded our morning egg (we love eggs!!) and I have started dreading the potato (he likes it).  We've both felt that our appetites were a bit off (feeling full or even nauseated between meals) and yesterday I had a lot of "blacking out" episodes (lean over for something, straighten up and vision goes dark - I tend to have lower blood pressure and this is common for me during, say, a hot weeding session mid-summer, but not otherwise).  Low energy and shakiness/jitteriness complete the picture.

What in the world is going on?!

I will also say that I've finished the book, and felt a little disappointed that I'm already doing most of what she recommends, other than needing a bit more protein, and obviously cutting out the sugars.  We don't eat white flour, as a general rule, although of course it was there in cookies/cakes some.

So, I gave up sugar, I've increased my protein, I'm eating three square meals a day and when I snack I make sure there's protein involved, I'm taking the vitamins (although I need to get a C with a higher dose), having the nightly potato ....... What am I missing/doing wrong?!  I thought by now I should be feeling on top of the world.  The cravings are gone (I don't really even want the one square of dark chocolate daily we'd kept up with), so that's good.  But ... ?!

Is the timing terribly crucial for the protein breakfast and the potato?  I think breakfast has often ended up being ready an hour and 15 minutes after we get up, and the potato has sometimes been three and a half hours after supper......

I need some insight before I dump the whole thing!!


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