May 19, 2012

sugar freedom: day 10

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May 8, Tuesday
[from my post on MOMYS]

I just read in Potatoes, Not Prozac regarding the nightly potato:  "Does it have to be a potato?  No, it can be any complex carbohydrate eaten without protein, like an apple, oatmeal (without milk or yogurt), a piece of toast or even orange juice. . .  But remember the slower the carbohydrate, the more effective the result."

She goes on to say that the potato gives the greatest sense of satiety as well as some emotional comfort, and that she'll address this more later, so I'm assuming there's more to come on why she recommends the potato.

I found this interesting and a relief because cooking a potato (I'm not a fan of them cold and we don't do microwaves in our house) every night for the rest of my life (or even for the next few months!) is not appealing to me, as much as I love potatoes.  Also, it feels like a lot to eat right before bed, when I'm often not too hungry.  Frankly, I haven't noticed much difference with the potato, and am ready to try an apple or piece of (whole wheat) toast.

(p.s. I found it sooooo interesting to read her comments about "addictive personalities" loving to experiment with things, take their own custom blend of vitamins and supplements .... hmmm - that's me to a "T"!!)


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