May 24, 2012

sugar freedom: day 20

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May 18, Friday
[from my post on MOMYS]

Um ... so for breakfast this morning I had cornbread, greek yogurt, milk & blueberries.  This is not a low-sugar cornbread recipe, yet, so now I am having trouble with heavy eyes and some sweet cravings.

Not sure what to do......was it mentioned in the book?  Do I just ride it out until it's over or is there something to do to make that feeling go away?!  Drink water?  Eat protein?  Lie down and close my eyes?  Eat a nice fat chunk of the halva hidden in the back of the fridge?!  (heehee, just kidding)

Argh. Guess this was good for me, in a way. I think my zeal was starting to wane..... (wry grin)
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