May 27, 2012

sugar freedom: day 23

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May 21, Monday

[from my post on MOMYS]

So the cornbread I had for breakfast on Friday, led, perhaps, to the maple cream I had on Saturday, which led to the ice cream I had on Sunday ..... Sugar appears to be a slippery slope indeed.  I must proceed with greater caution - and humility!!

Today is going well so far.  Our new breakfast of muesli (oats, raisins, coconut, slivered almonds, flaxmeal with milk) seems to start me off well!  The "tons of energy" may even have hit.  I kind of gauge my energy by how I feel going up our one (very steep) flight of steps.  This morning I was bounding up them, which is top energy (and highly unusual) for me!  Plus ... time seems to be slowing down.  I don't know if it's better focus and energy leading to more efficiency and productivity, but I look at the clock now and think, 'wow, we still have a lot of morning/afternoon/evening left!' instead of thinking, 'wow, it's lunchtime already and we still haven't _____!!'

Nice. I'll take it!

p.s.  [flashback] Yesterday after church (pre- ice cream-indulgence) we had a fellowship meal, which I usually dread (the setting, not the actual fellowship):  too much noise, too many people, too much to do with feeding children, to hard to carry on conversations, and yes - feeling left out, rejected, secluded, etc.  It was a youth group fund-raiser (they served a potato bar) which I had forgotten about.  

Normally I abhor last minute schedule changes, but today it felt like no big deal to suddenly decide to stay.  I enjoyed the fellowship time, despite the usual amount of noise and some occasional social awkwardness.  I'm guessing I have this plan to thank.  (and God's grace to stay on this plan as much as I have!!)

Let's hear it for sugar freedom!!

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