May 23, 2012

sugar freedom: day 17

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May 15, Tuesday
[from my post on MOMYS]

[another mom wrote]:  "I think it's just all my life I've felt entitled to have sweets, and my thinking is just changing now, slowly."

YES - that!  I think one reason why it hasn't been all that hard to give up sugar is the mental switch:  I used to think of sugar as a "treat" or a sort of reward for all my hard work, so I associated it with pleasure and approval.  Now that I'm keeping a food journal (and yes, Sugar: The Bitter Truth played a big part in the mental switch, too), I'm beginning to associate sugar with pain (anxiety, insecurity, feelings of aloneness, sleepiness, fatigue) and instead of longing for sugar, I am longing for life!  And thanks to Potatoes, Not Prozac, I know to go to protein foods and complex carbs to keep myself even and lively.

But when, I have to ask, does the 'tons of energy' start?  I'm sooo thrilled for my allergy symptoms to have all but disappeared, and do NOT miss the anxiety or the low-blood-sugar-sleepiness that I had all the time without realizing what it was.  But I am still balking at the sight of the elliptical, and spending a lot of time doing sit-down work.  Not motivated to go weed flowerbeds or anything.
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