May 17, 2012

open letter to sugar

Dear unfinished bag of Dove dark chocolate morsels, 
hidden in a little-used cabinet in my kitchen,

If you are feeling neglected, it is because I have forgotten about you.  

I would apologize, but I'm not really sorry.  I know we have had some good times together.  I used to count on you to give me a quick spurt of energy, and I'd come to you for reward or comfort when life was difficult.  I didn't think I could ever live without you.

But you know what?  I have been paying more attention to you lately, and I have found you out for the liar and cheat that you are.  You do give a little energy/comfort/reward ... at first ... but in the end you steal more than you give.

You stole my energy.  You stole my clarity of thought.  You stole my contentment.  You taste good but you are just not worth it.

Once I found you out for who you really are, I just lost my taste for you.  I've found some new foods (namely, protein & complex carbohydrates) that are treating me better than you ever did.

And I think I've found myself again.  

So, good-bye, Dove dark chocolate morsels.  Thanks for nothing.  I'm moving on.

Free at Last,
a recovering sugar junkie


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