May 29, 2012

sugar freedom: day 26

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May 24, Thursday 
[from my post on MOMYS]

I am feeling discouraged.  My lifestyle already included pretty much all of the first five steps.  So all I had to do (thought I) was to get breakfast in a little sooner, be more aware of my blood sugar/serotonin/beta-endorphin symptoms, increase my protein, add the potato, and cut out sugar.  Breakfast has been fairly easy.  Knowing more about the mental/emotional/physical symptoms has been hugely enlightening.  The potato (or apple or toast) has not been hard to add.  Increasing the protein is not difficult, just expensive (for "easy-to-count" animal proteins). 

So I guess I thought that once I cut sugar out (as of May 6), got past days 4 & 5, I'd be home free!  And I was .... for a couple of weeks.  Is it a 5-day detox every time I eat a few grams of sugar (that cornbread breakfast....)?

This is starting to feel more like labor than liberty.

But the good days .... the focus, the energy, the feeling of hopeful creative possibility .... it lures me on.  I can do this.  No, scratch that.  You and I both know better (remember the ice cream?!):  I can't do this, but God  can do this in me.
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