May 31, 2012

"but, I'm no addict!!"

[from Kathleen DesMaison's book, The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program]:

Here are the criteria the American Psychiatric Association uses to determine addiction:

~  The substance is taken in greater amounts or for a longer time than intended.
(Have you ever planned to have just a cookie and eaten the whole plate?)

~  There is a persistent desire or one or more unsuccessful attempts to cut down or control use.
(Does that question make you laugh because it seems so absurd?  One or more unsuccessful attempts seem sort of funny to sugar addicts.)

~  Major time is spent in seeking, using, or recovering from the effects of use.
(Do you make sure you always have a can of Coke - or your special sugar-laced coffee - on your desk?  Do you feel an inordinate sense of relief when your family is gone so you can eat what you want?)

~  Frequent intoxication or withdrawal interferes with responsibilities.
(At first blush, you may think that your sugar use does not affect your life.  But are your bills paid on time?  Is your desk cleared off?  Are you too tired to function at three in the afternoon?  Look at your behavior with a different eye and you may be shocked at how true this is.)

~  There is a decreased level of social, recreational activities due to use.
(Do you prefer to be alone so you can eat what you want, when?  Do you shy away from those friends who have given up sweet things?)

~  There is continued use despite adverse consequences.
(You know it's bad for you, you know it's killing you, you are in despair, and you go back for more.  Hits kinda close to home, yes?)

~  There is a marked increase in tolerance.
(One small cookie won't cut it anymore.  You have to eat three, eight, a dozen, the whole box.)

~  There are withdrawal symptoms.
(You may not have made the connection to withdrawal per se.  You may simply know intuitively that you feel better if you have a cup of tea and a piece of cake.)

~  There is use to prevent withdrawal.
(You know you are cranky and will feel better if you have something sweet.  You take a sugar break at 3 pm because you know if you don't you will be a basket case by 3:30.)

Hmmmm ..... some of those sound familiar.  Maybe I am an addict ... 


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